Why Instagram?

Instagram continues to grow: it has 1 bn monthly users, and 63% use the platform everyday.

60% of users (that’s 600+ million people) seek out and discover new products on Instagram.

Why collaborating?

Even though there are influencers with a massive number of followers, the most important thing for a Brand is how credible an Influencer is, and how his or her values represent your brand.

I promote authenticity, embracing ageing (I always say that ageing is a privilege, not a prejudice!), a healthy lifestyle, being active, and natural beauty, Sustainability and climate change awareness are crucial for me.

If your brand stands for some of these values, why not working together to drive business to your site and promote your brand? We can work together on a win-win project.

What followers say

Facts @silvinaneder: 11k followers - 5.64% engagement rate

patra2525 Which products do you use to achieve those beautiful curls?

patra2525 Hi Silvina!! Your an inspiration to a lot of women!
I just wanted to let you know I placed my order with xx! I ordered directly from your link and I also mentioned your name😉! Can’t wait to try these products, I have yet to find products that work well on my curl hair!

deborahmiles9455 This is the best explanation I’ve read. Thank you! ❤️ Awesome!

pritchardfudge Amazing and inspirational!!👍