Taking risks - Interview For It´S Rosy Magazine

Taking risks - Interview For It´S Rosy Magazine

Silvina Neder wants women to embrace 
their authentic selves and take risks.


Silvina Neder is one of those people who doesn't hesitate. When she sees that her life needs a change, she jumps right in and makes amazing things happen. You might have seen Neder and her beautiful silver curls on Instagram and in campaign photos, helping women embrace their true selves and feel good about who they are. Neder is a model and an actor, but before that, she was a market researcher for 25 years. Her major life changes can help inspire women to take leaps and rehaul their lives, even if they think they are too far down their path to afford any changes. 

For 25 years, Neder was a market researcher who opened her own firm, helping companies grow. "In my late 40s, I felt I had given all I had to give and have gotten all I could from my profession," Neder tells It's Rosy. "I deeply felt I needed a change. I spent more than year with that in my mind, outlining a new means of living that would incorporate something that I loved doing. I knew my new occupation would have to do with motivating people and with encouraging people to follow their dreams."

For Neder, making this massive life change wasn't so much about finding the courage to do so, but figuring out what it would be. Her switch to modeling and acting happened naturally, and it all hinged on her hair. To save time and money, Neder stopped colouring her hair and hiding her whites. 

"I really wanted to see how silver hair would look on me, and how embracing my natural hair, age, and look would feel. And it felt great. I loved how it looked, and I felt freer and more confident than ever," Neder explained.

But how did this step lead to her budding career? It was the appreciation of other women. "Something deeper happened when my silver hair grew: Everywhere I went people said, 'I love your hair; I love your look.' By that time, I had some pro photos taken for my MR website, and the photographer suggested I try being a natural model," Nader explains. She sent photos to agencies, and her modeling and acting career took off.

"But my main ambition was to encourage people to change, so I used my new acting/ modeling career and my grey hair as an inspiration to pursue dreams and embrace who we really are." Through Neder's Instagram account, she opened a dialogue about being authentic, and embracing what both life and time bring.

For women who would like to embrace change but are scared to, Neder has some sage advice. "Scary? Of course it is. Very. It wouldn't be exciting if it weren't scary. Just embrace being scared, and do it. Nobody knows what life will bring, so why hold onto something we know is not working for us anymore?"

Aside from giving you the enthusiastic push you need to follow your dreams, Neder also has some practical advice when it comes to re-hauling your life and putting your finances at risk. 

"It is crucial to have your economy quite in order. By this I don't mean to have massive savings in order to afford a long time without making money, or pursuing to find the 'Big Idea' that will rock the market. I mean to reduce the expenses and our needs to the minimum." By downsizing your life and cutting back on spending, you give yourself the freedom to create and dream without being overwhelmed by bills.

That said, after you downsize you also need to force yourself to start. "I would use the Spanish saying "quemar las naves" here, which means "no way back." You have to commit to real compromise. If you start a new project, you have to surrender. Anything can work if you dedicate time and mental energy to it."

Seeing how Neder's new life path is about helping women love who they are, the thing that she loves most about her grey hair is the permission it gives her to embrace her age. "Being grey means saying to the world, I am this age and I am loving it. I don't want to be young; I have already been, and I have accumulated experiences which make me happy now. I am lucky to be where I am," Neder explains. "My favorite part about growing older is knowing myself. Looking backwards and seeing all I am is a consequence of the everyday choices I have made." Wise words to live by.

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Ageing Gracefully, for The Fine Line Magazine

Ageing Gracefully, for The Fine Line Magazine

I just wrote this article about Ageing Gracefully, for The Fine Line Magazine

Hope you enjoy, and look forward to reading your thoughts 


I particularly prefer “living gracefully” rather than “ageinggracefully”. We can´t separate ageing from living. Ageinggracefully is living gracefully, just being in the moment and enjoying it. No matter the age, we are always living, and ageing. 

I turned 50, I am not young anymore; but I am feeling better emotionally and physically than ever before. I have a calm lifestyle with my partner, I am feeling good with how I look, and I am doing what I love for a living. In a few words,      I am enjoying what I am, and what I have.  

A couple of years ago, in my late 40s, tired of spending fortunes and hours at saloons, I stopped colouring my hair to hide my withes. This had an immediate practical effect: I finally got rid of the compulsory every-2-weeks visits to the saloon, and I could spend that money on more rewarding things. But the most important fact was that I was really loving my new silver look. I felt (and feel) happy with my image. And also, with ageing. Growing my white hair was a way to say, “Here I am, at my age, and ageing is great”. 

I am very often stopped on the streets by people exclaiming: “I love you hair!”.  I think this has to do with “She is in peace with ageing” as much as with “the aesthetic”.     

I can feel a kind of inspiration from women, like if they were saying “I would love to embrace my greys, stop caring of hiding my age, and being free”.       And from men, I feel something like “Wow! how sexy does a natural, confident woman look, even she is not young”.  

Embracing my greys made me aware of the benefits that come with age:  Wisdom, experience that leads to empathise with others, and a sort of peaceful pride of the life I have created.      A conscious awareness that all that I have made, was my own choice. 

Of course, I have to adapt my lifestyle to my 50-year-oldbody: I used to run around 30 miles per week, which I can’t do anymore due to an injury. Looking for something to replace my jogs, I discovered Yoga. I now practice almost every day and I feel stronger than ever.   At lates 40s my sight weakened and now I have to remember to bring my glasses everywhere, but I so much love using cool glasses!  I also enjoy much more going to bed early with a book than a night out. The thing is: all the adaptations I had to do, brought me enjoyment. Ageing gracefully is being aware that we have to adapt, and enjoying our new lifestyle. Hopefully there will be more adaptations to do at 60’s, 70´s, 80´s and why not at 90´s!

Unlike in our days, in ancient times, the older were considered the wiser, and the most respected individuals in society.   Luckily, those who “rule trends” (Brands?) are starting to value older people again, realising that we spend, have fun, play, create, fall in love, discover, change and continue learning. The world is realising that our behaviour has more to do with attitude, rather than with age. 

But the truth is inside us. We need to embrace the moment and the possibilities (and permissions) we have now,  instead of longing for the  “speed” we lost.    We have to be creative and find joy in the adaptations we have to do in every stage of our lives.

Living is ageing, so ageing is a gift.

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