I am a 50+ year-old model and actress, born in Argentina and based on London. 

I graduated as a Statistician at 21, and founded a Market Research agency in Buenos Aires, which I successfully managed for almost 20 years. My profession gave me the chance to work for top brands and to help them develop their marketing strategies. During all those years, I enjoyed my social life down there, as well as travelling abroad by myself for scuba diving or running marathons.

In my early 40´s I moved to Spain. My real dream was to live in London, so after spending some years in there, I finally came to this wonderful city.

Just arrived in London, and more in an aim to save me time, I decided I to embrace my age and stop spending hours at the hair salon to conceal my white hair. To my surprise, everywhere I went I received compliments for my look. But the deep, important thing was that I was really loving my new look, and that I was happy with my image. Embracing my greys made me value the benefits of ageing: Wisdom, experience that leads to empathise with others, and a sort of peaceful pride of the life I have created. A conscious awareness that all I have done, was a consequence of my own choices. 

This also encouraged me to make another big change un my life: my profession. I literally pressed "delete" on my Market Research website server, and started modelling and acting from zero. I am doing that full time since then, learning new things every day and really loving it. 

My goal is to inspire people follow their dreams, specially women. Through my Social Media, and having my path as an example, I encourage others to be confident with their age and looks, and to be brave to move forward when a change is needed.

If I have inspired one person to follow their dreams, I am happy, my job is done. 

Love, Silvina