Silvina Neder
Silvina Neder
Model, Acting and Yoga Student. Life and Dreamed-Job-Achievement Mentor

I was born and raised in Argentina. I always loved dancing, acting, and striking poses for photos.

I was also good at maths, and so I developed a successful career in Market Research. My profession took me from Buenos Aires to London, and from working as an executive for top brands, to have my own blooming agency. During these 2 decades, I became an expert in brands, image, and in communicating emotions to people.

In my late 40s, I moved to London. I was very stressed coping with a new language, a new job, a new life. As I was struggling with time, I decided to stop colouring my hair to hide my late 40s’ whites. 

This had an immediate practical effect: I finally got rid of the compulsory every-2-weeks visits to the saloon, and I had the money and the time I spent on hair colouring available to invest on other more rewarding things. 

But that was only the beginning. After a couple of months wearing my whites, other good things started to happen. 

Every day I was stopped on the streets by people exclaiming: “I love you hair”! 

I could guess a kind of inspiration from women, like if they were telling me “I would love to embrace my greys too, to stop caring of what others think, and being free”. And from men, I felt something like “wow! how sexy does a natural, confident woman look”. 

But the most important thing was that I was really loving my new look. I felt and feel happy with my image. And also, with ageing. Embracing my greys made me value the benefits that come with age:  wisdom, experience that leads me to empathise with others, and a sort of peaceful pride of the life I have created. A conscious awareness that all that I have made, was my own choice. 

Now I aim to help other people to be brave to be aware of what they want, and to follow their dreams. My goal is to inspire anyone who is willing to, to become the person they want to be.